10K to 10 Million YouTube Video Ads Views by Partner Network

The increasing uses of the Internet have opened various opportunities for social media marketing platforms. It is predicted that 80% of the global Internet traffic will be video-based by 2021. Therefore, Youtube, a video-based platform with 30 million visitors per day, is undoubtedly the future of online marketing.


Obviously, the factor that we consider the most important for a Youtube video is the number of views. The more views it gains, the more people it reaches. And having one million views seems like a long way to go.


Yet, that’s not a challenging goal anymore since the idea of buying real YouTube views is implemented. Now, buying views has been a shortcut for channels to survive the competitiveness of this world’s second most-visited website.


Why You Should Buy Real Youtube Views


Compete with other channels - Youtube is the world’s largest video platform. Do you know that five billion videos are watched every day? Even more, there are thousands of uploaded videos per hour. Therefore, it is not easy to promote your videos and your channels among millions of competitors.


To make your channel outstanding, you have to attract a large number of subscribers and usual viewers. Hence, knowing how to optimize your channel’s growth is extremely important. One of the primary steps is to foster the initial views for your video.


Come to think of it; your competitor video can achieve 10.000 views after three months. Yet, you can significantly reduce this scale to less than three days when buying promotion views.


Higher ranking in search engines - Views are one of the main indicators of a video’s ranking. Generally, the more views a video has, the higher it ranks in Youtube’s and Google’s search engines.


Studies also show that viewers instinctively click in the top videos on the first result page. So, the higher your video is ranked, the more people click to see it, thus enhancing your chances of success.


And who knows if there are new viewers who find your video helpful and interesting? If they like it, they will spend more time watching it and be happy to subscribe to your channel for more worthy content in the future.


Gain popularity - Having more views is the best way to make your channel famous. Viewers may ignore your video at first glance, but they are likely to change their minds after seeing the number of views. These views are like proof of your video’s quality, which further attracts people to visit your channel.


Buying real Youtube views is one of the fastest ways to enhance credibility and popularity for your channel. It does not only reduce the time needed to earn engagement, but it also helps to impress your targeted audience deeply.


When your video initially reaches 100.000 views in just a few days, your audiences tend to believe that it is a worth-watching video since it has so many views. Also, a video with a large number of views can stand a higher chance to be recommended by Youtube.


Get more watch hours and subscribers - Every Youtuber wants to have the most watch hours and subscribers for their channels, which is a prerequisite for monetizing on this competitive platform. Yet, that is a very long way for newbie Youtube channels to go.


The question is, how to monetize on Youtube when nobody visits your channel, let alone that they do not click on the advertisements shown on your video? It may take months, or even years to attract thousands of views for your videos, which is undoubtedly slow in progress.


Rather than starting a video with zero views, having a 10.000 views video undoubtedly fosters your channel’s growth and reputation better. Also, buying Youtube views can drive enormous organic traffic resources towards your channels, which further increases the conversion rate for more watch hours and subscribers.


Long-term benefits - Buying Youtube views is one of the necessary investments to make if you want to start a promising Youtube channel. You can save a considerable amount of time and effort spent on attracting more views manually.


There are many traditional free ways to increase the views, such as watching the video over and over again or asking your friends for sharing. But, they are not optimal choices due to the lack of efficiency.


If one day when Youtube’s view counting algorithm suddenly changes, who knows if the repeated views will not be counted anymore? In such circumstances, buying real Youtube views is a smart move to go for. They are organic views coming from different users, thus they will never decline. On top of that, the cost of buying these views is affordable compared to other forms of marketing and advertising.


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10K to 10 Million YouTube Video Ads Views by Partner Network

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