High Quality Monetized YouTube Channel 2021

The monetization feature is already enabled - Our YouTube channels are enabled for monetization, and there are at least 1000 – 2000 high-quality subscribers already on the channel, making your channel an easy and quick start much more than starting from scratch


Channel has no copyright claim or community strikes

All videos on the monetized channel are original from our team, there are no copyright or community strikes on the channel



AdSense changing Support

If you already have an active AdSense account with your YouTube channel but are still unsure how to link your AdSense account, we'll help you link your AdSense account to monetization enabled channel fast.


Free AdSense Account Included

Each enabled monetization channel from us is linked to an AdSense account, most of which are AdSense accounts registered with the United States. If you are in another country, contact us to get another AdSense account, please read the FAQ for details.


Fast Delivery

We will send a confirmation email after receiving your order. Your channel will be delivered within 24 hours


Easy Change Niche

By default, we will select the best and most relevant videos on your channel to increase watch hours, but you can still select a list of your favorite videos and send them to us if wanted, we will increase watch hours on the videos you requested. To do that, paste the link of those videos in the "Order Notes" section of the Checkout page


100% Legit

All of our monetization channels are originally filmed, without copyright infringement. We are the legal owner of the channel, after purchasing our channel, customers can be completely assured of using it for a lifetime that no one can get back the channel.


Reliable Support

Digito Zone support team is always available and solves all your issues immediately. We can give you strategies, sharing experiences, and accompany you throughout the process.


Note:- If the monetization channel isn't your choice, then you still can buy 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers for your channel.

High Quality Monetized YouTube Channel 2021

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